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Today I have a lovely technique to illustrate. I’ve CASEd it from the wonderful Kim Jolley who uses the technique so artfully. It’s the rather funky, fresh, easy, fun, Tie Dye Background technique. And just as importantly there are a couple of fabulous promotions you don’t want to miss so don’t forget to check them out.

According to Wikipedia, Tie-dye is a modern term invented in the mid-1960s in the United States for a set of ancient resist-dyeing techniques.  The process of tie-dye typically consists of folding, twisting, pleating, or crumpling fabric or a garment and binding with string or rubber bands, followed by application of dye.

For our easy, fun, Tie Dye Background technique, there are no string or rubber bands involved. Simply a bit of crumpling/twisting/pleating. Or a combination of all three if you so fancy. 🙂

Following are a few pictures to illustrate the process. It’s really simple. You’ve got to give it a go. Let me know how you get on.

Please note ‘inches’ conversion is an approximation

  • Cardbase – 10.5cm (4-1/8″) x 29.6cm (11-5/8″) – score and fold at 14.8cm (5-7/8″)
  • Artwork layer –  9cm (3-1/2″) x 13.8cm (5-7/16″)
  • White Coffee Filter


Easy, Fun, Tie Dye Background Technique:

Using a plain white coffee filter, crumple it up really tight to get lots of lovely creases in it, then open it up again. Don’t be tempted to smooth out all those creases.

Now, using your artwork layer as a measuring template, cut the coffee filter to be larger than the artwork layer. The only reason that I cut it at all is to help me to see what area I actually need to cover in the tie dye effect and therefore easier plan where I’m going to place my colours (if that makes sense). However, you do it your way. 🙂

With your fingers, loosely gather the coffee filter paper up into a pleat. Using baby wipes, pick up ink from your inkpads and start applying it to the crumpled/pleated coffee filter. You will need to turn the filter as you apply the colour. Try not to let the filter paper open out too much as you do this. If you’ve missed any bits you can fix this again later.

I started by applying Night of Navy to the middle section then Dapper Denim to the ends (with a little Night of Navy along this piece too to give it a bit of darker shading). Then I used the Lemon Lime Twist ink as illustrated. The important thing to remember is that the ‘white space’ is as important as the coloured areas, so do keep this in mind. Open out your piece and if you find there are any areas that have been missed, simply fill them in. Try to avoid making it look like a solid, neat strip of colour. It should look fairly distressed.

Once you’re happy with your artwork, gently and carefully use a Heat Tool to dry the ink (or leave to dry naturally).

Now you can apply Glue Stick liberally to your artwork layer and adhere your artwork (tie dye) to this, leaving even edges to wrap around. Again, don’t be tempted to smooth out the wrinkles. This is one time when wrinkles are good. 🙂 As you can see by my picture, I didn’t exactly get my artwork centred to my artwork layer however it did turn out okay.

Once you’ve the front glued down, turn the piece over and glue the filter paper edges to the back of the cardstock.

Now this is ready to place on to your cardbase and finish decorating your card as desired.


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